Workshops, these will deal with relevant topics and participants will be expected to share experiences.

Workshop 1

Translanguaging and EMI: approaching this controversial relationship

The role of the L1 in the bilingual education classroom is a matter of discussion, as it has always been in the EFL class. Moreover, the presence of the L1 and the foreign language can be controversial in programmes where there is a combination of the L1 and the foreign language as languages of instruction along the curriculum. In EMI, the excessive presence of the L1 reduces the use of the L2 and may have negative effects in the development of this language. Following this idea, a frequent, intuitive, non-systematic use of the L1, together with the lack of proficiency in the L2, are decisive factors for this overuse. However, the use of the L1 is also reported in bilingual environments as a pedagogical instrument, with an evident and potential use to help scaffold the content. Although in EMI contexts the situation may not be the same, there is a need to provide substantial empirical evidence of the practices in order to support the notion that employment of the L1 may be a factor of enrichment, especially with students exhibiting a low proficiency in the L2.

Chair: Víctor Pavón Vázquez. University of Córdoba

Workshop 2

Assessment in EMI

Chair: Elaine Boyd. Institute of Education- University College London

Workshop 3

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